Why Botender?

Tired of waiting around to flag down your bartender? Meet Botender! Botender is a friendly, intuitive, chatbot designed to take your order, payment, and then provide the user with an order number and ETA. Your order will automatically enter the bar/restaurant’s computer system and once it is prepared, it can be picked up with a valid, government issued, 21+ photo ID. Some scenarios you could encounter:

Features of the Bot

Sleek modern design with a smart integration into a well known social media app.

User-friendly Chat Bot

Botender uses a clean interface that is simplistic enough for anyone to use. The bot messenger system asks easy questions and provides “yes” or “no” answer choices to help with ease of use as the user navigates the bot. The bot also offers drink suggestions and allows for variety in picking what type of drink a customer wants. In addition, the bot also lets you know what ingredients are in each of the mixed drinks.

Integrated on Facebook Messenger

Botender is operated through Facebook Messenger. Convienience is given to users becuase they can log in through their Facebook account. Using Facebook Messenger also promites widespread connectivity.

All you have to know about Our Bot

Botender provides everything you need in order to get a drink without waiting in line!

Provides ETA and Order Confirmation

Botender provides an estimated time of arrival for customers so that you users can pinpoint exactly when to pick up their drink and also provide a confirmation on the order so you know your order went through successfully.

Pay Within the Bot

Users can pay within Botender to eliminate the hassle of having to walk up to a bar any longer.

Use Text or Voice Control

Botender offers both text and voice control capablities through Facebook Messenger for a greater user experience.

Download The Messenger App now!

Facebook Messenger is not only good for keeping up with your friends, but now it can get you drinks!

Want to Contact us?

If you have any questions about the bot, ideas for improvement, or just want to say hi, don't be shy to hit us up!